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Render Plus Software Case Study archive. Interviews with users about their experience with our rendering software.



  • Four quarters design Studio - Case Study | Extract ... "Cloud rendering has made the design process far more agile and time efficient."
  • CAD2Plan - Case Study | Extract ... "My clients are very happy with the renders Allura produces and they're even happier with how quickly I’m able to turn around their requests for changes."
  • LandARCHConcepts - Case Study | Extract ... "It (lighting channel feature) allows me to take my clients into the design and to let them experience a dynamic lighting ambience that the other rendering engines simply can’t do."
  • Sven Christiansen - Case Study | Extract ... "I find all the tools very simple to use, from setting up lights to creating new textures."
  • Dilusso Design Group - Case Study | Extract ... "IRender nXt gives us the control we need to reliably and consistently produce quality renderings."
  • Arcus Design - Case Study | Extract ... "I can make the change and within minutes still produce a good-looking rendering that will impress my clients."
  • Telluride Ski and Golf - Case Study | Extract ... "IRender strikes a great balance between adjustment, speed, and quality."
  • Imago - Case Study | Extract ... "I love the software because it was so simple and friendly to learn it and to use it."
  • Pride Commercial Interiors - Case Study | Extract ... "I particularly like being able to change a texture, light setting, or something similar and very quickly review the impact."
  • GD Henderson Construction - Case Study | Extract ... "It is easy to use and has many features (a lot of which I haven’t used yet), but most importantly it produces great quality renders."

2017 and prior

  • Mitchell Associates Architects - Case Study | Extract ... "Overall, Juan rates IRender nXt highly as a cost-effective, user friendly program that generates the professional results MAA needs to help maintain its sector leadership."
  • Case Study - RSD Total Controls | Extract ... "I just installed ArielVision and started rendering, that quick. I started by using preset options and WOW! the renderings I got were awesome!"

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