Arcus Design - Case Study

Arcus Design Ltd. and IRender nXt

Philip Baxter is sole practitioner at Arcus Design Ltd., located in Old Deer, Peterhead, Scotland. He primarily serves the residential market, with a sprinkling of commercial and farm building projects. Philip has been an architectural technologist for 36 years and a SketchUp user for the past 10.

Old Deer, Peterhead, Scotland

Philip bought the IRender nXt SketchUp rendering extension in 2017. As a self-confessed relative beginner, we were interested to speak with Philip to find out how he’s getting on with IRender nXt and what impact it’s having on his business.

After using SketchUp for a number of years, what prompted you to start rendering?

Obviously, SketchUp is a great program for creating 3D drawings, but lacks realism. Having founded Arcus early in 2017, I decided I needed a renderer to complement SketchUp to enable my clients to visualize their projects. Clients get very excited when they see the end product early in the design phase. It removes a lot of their anxiety knowing exactly what they’re going to get for the large investment they’re making. I recently had a couple in to review a design and the lady got quite emotional being able to see her dream come to life with the realism I was able achieve through rendering.

Why did you choose IRender nXt?

I looked around and found a lot of different options and I knew I wasn’t going to need a renderer that cost a couple of thousand dollars! IRender nXt was a more realistic option for me, and I’ve been very happy with the program.

As I’m fairly new to rendering I really like IRender’s simplicity, and I know that as my rendering skills improve there are still many features to explore and use. Another reason I find it so user friendly are the predetermined settings the program provides. Being relatively inexperienced, this helps me to be productive, but still allows me to make adjustments as needed. I’m also able to stop a rendering quite quickly if I see something I want to change, and I know that while producing a top-quality rendering can take hours of processing, I can make the change and within minutes still produce a good-looking rendering that will impress my clients.

Thanks for sending in these renderings, Philip

Arcus 1.jpg

Arcus 2.jpg

Thank you, Philip! We’re happy to hear you were able to quickly and easily start rendering with IRender nXt and that the results are helping your business thrive.

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