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Rendering Stunning Tradeshow Displays with IRender nXt SketchUp Extension!

Founded in 1976 in Camarillo, California, Creative Displays designs and builds exhibits. From inception through installation, they ensure their clients visions are brought to life in the most innovative way. Their team of designers, engineers, craftsmen, and operational staff are passionate about creating stunning exhibits, and everything is crafted by hand at their Camarillo premises.

Did you know … Camarillo was inhabited by the Chumash Indians for thousands of years before the arrival of European’s in the 18th century.

Camarillo, looking southeast

Hello Garrett! How is Creative Displays able to differentiate itself from the competition?

We are a smaller company which enables us to personalize our approach for each customer. I work one on one with new clients to capture all of the detail needed for their exhibit. Instead of going through call screeners and trying to fit clients into a specific system, we design and create exactly what the client wants.

Where does rendering fit into your design process?

Most clients have a hard time envisioning what they want. When we do a design and then add renderings to it, it adds an extra dimension to our overall presentation and helps the client visualize the final product.

Do you have a recent example of how you’ve applied that approach?

Sure, I’ll use Gillco, who are a wholesale ingredients distributor. They approached us to design a unique exhibit booth for their industry. We had a conversation with them about their specific needs and wants for the booth. Gillco wanted simple and white, a kombucha serving station and a kegerator in the back, subway tile, splashes of wood, black shelves, herringbone, a display table, and Joanne Gaines Farmhouse Modern. We then established a target budget with them and started the design. After a couple of small revisions they loved the design! The booth is currently in production and will be delivered in October (2019). Here are several of the renderings we produced for them during the design process:

Gillco 1
Gillco 1.jpg

Gillco 2
Gillco 2.jpg

Gillco 3
Gillco 3.jpg

Those are some nice renderings!

Thanks, we’ve really been able to refine our capabilities over the years. Here are a few more examples we’ve done for several other clients.

Army 1
Army 1.jpg

Army 2
Army 2.jpg




Why did Creative Displays decide to use IRender nXt?

We started using IRender nXt in 2012 when we were looking for a solution that was budget friendly. IRender was the perfect addition to take our presentation to the next level, without breaking the bank.

IRender is fairly simple to use and the tutorials that are available make everything much easier. I am still learning and making small tweaks that enable us to continue to elevate the quality of our renderings.

As an exhibit designer, what aspects of rendering are most important?

Lighting is huge for us! It’s easy to add too much lighting and have it look blown-out; IRender nXt enables me to easily apply and adjust the lighting to achieve just the right exposure. Textures are also really important; I typically use textures that are smooth and sometimes reflective to add more realism.

Thank you, Garrett! It looks like IRender nXt is helping you make an impression with your clients. We wish you continued success and look forward to seeing more of your renderings in the future.

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