Imago - Case Study

Designing Exhibit Stands with SketchUp and IRender nXt

Oshrat Peretz, winner of our February Rendering of the Month, is owner/CEO of Imago, a boutique designer of exhibition stands based in Israel. We recently talked with Oshrat to find out more about her design work and how the IRender nXt extension for SketchUp has been working out for her.

How did you get started in the exhibition industry?

I started in the world of exhibitions working for a logistics company where I was an expert in shipping cargo to events around the world. After a few years, I crossed over to the field of design and production of exhibition stands working as a production / project manager and customer account manager.

When did you form your company, Imago, and how did the design side of the business progress?

I established Imago 6 years ago while studying for my MBA. At first, I worked with freelance architects who designed for me while I concentrated on sales and production. But I became frustrated with the designs I was being given as they didn’t capture what I was asking for. At that point I found out about SketchUp and learned how to use it from online tutorials. I also searched the internet for an easy to learn rendering program and found IRender nXt.

What’s the background to your winning rendering?

The rendering you chose as the winner is a stand I designed for one of the clients who is going to exhibit at the Automechanike show taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, in September 2018.

Imago Feb RotM winner.jpg
Oshrat Peretz’s February 2018 Rendering of the Month winner

What IRender nXt features did you use to produce your photorealistic model?

According to the client brief, they wanted the stand to have good lights with their products prominently displayed. For lighting I used two kinds of light components in IRender:

For the canopy, I used the Beam component (white light)
For the product displays and the back of the 3D logo I used the Linear component (white light)

To get the reflection on the floor, I defined the floor material as glass. I built a black wall around the stand so I would have a background to contrast the stand’s color. I was very pleased with this as it makes the stand pop-out.

For the rendering setting I used Studio – High Dynamic, with the image size set to High-res.

Do you have any other exhibition stand renderings?

Here are a couple of other designs I have produced recently
Iamgo 2.jpg

Imago 3.jpg

What do you like about our IRender nXt rendering extension for SketchUp?

I love the software because it was so simple and friendly to learn it and to use it.

Thank you, Oshrat! We’re excited you’re getting great photorealistic results from our IRender nXt plugin to help you impress your clients.

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