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Non-Photorealistic Rendering with nXtRender Encourages Client Interaction

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Scott Branch is a Principal at BBP Architecture based in Santa Barbara, California specializing in residential and commercial projects.  BBP was founded in 2006 when he partnered with long time professional associate Tracy Burnell.

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Scott Branch of BBP Architecture

Hello Scott!  Please tell us about your business
Like most successful practices, we distinguish ourselves through our personal but professional approach with each client.  This enables us to develop unique, signature architectural solutions that reflect our clients’ programs and personalities. 

How do you typically use rendering in your design workflow?
My process is that I render models with nXtRender in AutoCAD.  I then import the JPG image back into my 2D elevations and put it behind the CAD linework. Sometimes I use crisp 2D lines, and sometimes I squiggle them using Napkin in AutoCAD.  For our purposes the effect is subtle, but great.  

Here are a couple of examples of renderings I’ve just completed for a new build development here in Santa Barbara.
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You’ve developed a unique rendering style.  How did that come about?
We gravitate toward more traditional presentations of elevations rather than photorealistic renderings, unless we have to. It generates better discussion and leaves more room for constructive dialog allowing clients to participate in the creative process rather than just react to it.

What kind of feedback do you get from clients?
Feedback from clients and design review boards has been very positive.

Do you ever render to produce a classic photorealistic effect?
Rarely. That’s not our niche.

What do you like about nXtRender?  Which features do you find especially useful?  
I feel like I have barely scratched the surface with what this software does, but for my use, the flexibility of moving the sun wherever I want to create the shadow that best articulates our design is the main feature I use.

What elements do you pay most attention to when you render an image?
Shadows, by far. The materials are already established in AutoCAD.

Thanks, Scott!  Very interesting insight into your non-photorealistic approach to client communication.

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