Sven Christiansen - Case Study

Sven Christiansen's Fabulous Furniture Renderings with nXtRender for AutoCAD

Sven Christiansen is a British manufacture of high quality office furniture. Since 1974 they have designed and manufactured desk systems, seating, reception desks, conference and meeting tables, office screens and wall storage systems. They provide service in the UK through their nationwide network of distributors.

We talked with Peter Milner, Design Manager, who is responsible for rendering the images Sven use in their promotional materials. Peter is an experienced nXtRender for AutoCAD user having first used the software around 20 years ago when it was known as AccuRender.

Peter recently won our Rendering of the Month (May) competition, and we were excited to interview him to find out what a person of his vast experience likes about rendering with nXtRender.

Tell me a little about the Rendering of the Month winning image

This image shows some of the furniture from one of our standard executive ranges, Fulcrum. It was produced as one of a series of renderings to go in our price list where each range is introduced by a lifestyle image in keeping with the style of the furniture.

2018 May RotM winner.jpg
Peter's Rendering of the Month Winner
Thanks, it’s an excellent rendering.

What elements do you pay most attention to when you render an image?

With all my renderings, the two most important considerations are the quality of the textures and the balance of light. nXtRender provides all the tools I need to enable me to control these.

Do any particular nXtRender features stand out for you?

The ability to alter the lighting balance using the nXt Image Editor after the image has been rendered is extremely useful.

Does nXtRender’s integration with AutoCAD help you?

Yes, the best part about nXt is that it works seamlessly within AutoCAD. This means that I can do all my 3D modelling in software that I’m used to and can then jump straight into rendering without having to translate anything or move to a different program.

Are there any other features in nXtRender that you particularly like?

Aside from the Image Editor I’ve already talked about, another of my favourite tools is the Walkabout window. Being able to walk through and around the model to get the best view, rather than positioning cameras, is very intuitive and quick. In fact, I find all the tools very simple to use, from setting up lights to creating new textures.

Can you share some of your other renderings with us?

You can see thousands of our rendered images in the Sven image library, but here are just a few to give you a flavour of our designs/renderings.

Sven 1.jpg

Sven 2.jpg

Sven 3.jpg

Sven 4.jpg

Thank you, Peter! Your work is impressive, and of course we’re thrilled that you’ve been using our software throughout your career to consistently achieve these results.

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