Full House Renovations - Case Study

Creating an Energetic Aura Rendering with IRender nXt

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Today we’re talking with Brenda Logan of Full House Renovations (FHR).  FHR is based in Edmonton, Canada.  Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and is North America's northernmost city with a metropolitan population over one million.

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The Edmonton skyline summer and winter
FHR are expert renovators and general contractors for room and whole home remodeling.  They have a custom millwork shop in their facility where they design, handcraft and finish cabinetry.  They have been in business for over 30 years and completed more than 2,000 residential renovation projects.

Hello Brenda!  Tell us about your role at Full House Renovations.
I have the pleasure of working for FHR as the Interior Designer. I completed my Interior Design Technology diploma at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 2014.  I have been with FHR for almost 3 years and I absolutely love it!

What sets FHR apart from others in your niche?
We are a company built on referrals!  The majority of our clientele come to us as a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague of a previous client.

We also have our own millwork shop and can make almost anything that our clients and team can design! 

When did you start using IRender and why?
I first used SketchUp and IRender in 2014 while studying Interior Design in school. I instantly fell in love with both programs and spent many hours trying out all the different capabilities. I still take time to just “play” around in the program! :)

What do you like about IRender?
I love the ability to make items look so real in a rendering! Changing textures, colours and sheens all play an important role in a final rendering. And of course, the lighting! It’s all about the balance of light and shade to show the energy of both the interior and exterior environments.

What elements do you pay most attention to when rendering? 
Lighting, reflections and how the finishes and colours render for sure! There is usually a fair of amount of detail editing at this point.

Tell us about a project you’ve worked on for which you’ve produced renderings using IRender nXt.
We have been working within this specific client’s home for a couple years now.  They love the quality of our work and have been repeat clients through several renovation projects within their already-beautiful home. We freshened up the Basement with new materials and finishes along with plenty of custom millwork. We created some fun built-in shelving and a media unit in the Family Room along with a whole new Basement Home Office. On the Main Floor we renovated the existing space to create a custom Mud Room and turned the old Garage into a Home Gym. Here are some of the renderings I have produced for the projects in this house.
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Do you receive any feedback on your renderings?
Our clients are always SO happy with the renderings!  And I love that they help them to see the final vision for their new space. One of the most fun parts is getting to compare the renderings with photos of the finished final product … many times people can hardly tell the difference and that is an indicator of a job well done! 

Thanks, Brenda!  It’s interesting to hear how you look to create energy and realism in your renderings, especially through balancing light and shade.

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