KBR Foodservice Equipment - Case Study

Impressing Clients and Winning Business with ArielVision SketchUp Rendering

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This case study features Luke Nolan, Managing Director of KBR Foodservice Equipment Ltd. based in County Wicklow, just south of the Irish capital, Dublin. KBR uses our ArielVision SketchUp rendering extension.

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County Wicklow in Ireland

Hello Luke, please tell us about your business.
KBR Foodservice Equipment supply some of the world's best known brands of catering and refrigeration equipment to the hospitality and healthcare sectors in Ireland. We provide full layout and mechanical services drawings using CAD software.

When did you start using SketchUp and ArielVision?
Over the years, we noticed that not all of our clients were familiar with plan layout drawings. We also felt that these same plan drawings were similar to what our competitors were offering their clients. In order to stand out from the rest, Jack Nolan, our layout specialist and a leading member of our team, suggested that we use SketchUp as a design program to complement our existing CAD software as it’s easy to use for 3D layouts.

While we found SketchUp to be excellent, we felt that it lacked reality and clarity and this is where ArielVision came into play.

What do you like about ArielVision?
There seems to be no end to the options available with the program from different lighting possibilities to shading and textures.

We at KBR feel that ArielVision is excellent value for money and in our case, paid for itself the very first time we presented rendered drawings to a new client. We were awarded the contract because the clients were impressed with how clearly our vision for their project was displayed to them.

Please give us some background on a recent project you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using ArielVision.
We were asked by an interior design company who had no previous experience with catering projects to suggest a café design for one of their clients. Immediately on seeing the renders, the clients had a view into the future of what their project would look like. The café operator was also impressed with our vision of their project.

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Do you receive any feedback on the renderings? 
ArielVision has brought our concept drawings to reality. In some cases, our clients think that we are showing them actual photos of previous projects.

Thank you, Luke!

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