Kevin Neprud and Associates (2) - Case Study

Photorealistic Design Results in Client Delight

We are circling back with Kevin Neprud, principal and owner of Kevin Neprud & Associates LLC (KNA). We recently profiled Kevin’s design and rendering work in Massachusetts, including a swimming pool addition for a house in Cape Cod.

KN 2.jpg

This project was recently completed and Kevin took several photos of the finished construction. It turned out pretty much the way Kevin had envisioned and rendered it, so we’re sharing several rendering vs. real side-by-side images for a great before and after comparison.

KN 17.jpg KN 10.jpg

KN 12.jpg KN 11.jpg

KN 13.jpg KN 16.jpg

The owners were so impressed with Kevin’s design work that they have commissioned him to do two more projects. Congratulations, Kevin, and we’ll look forward to seeing your new designs rendered with IRender nXt.

Check out more of Kevin’s architectural designs / renderings on his website in the Projects section. All renderings are either SketchUp generated, or IRender nXt with no additional editing.

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