GD Henderson Construction - Case Study

Great Results using the IRender nXt SketchUp Extension

We recently talked to Damien Henderson about his winning submission for Rendering of the Month (January 2018) and what he thinks about IRender nXt.  

Tell me about your company, GD Henderson Construction Ltd.

We are a small building and design contractor located in the town of Lurgan in Northern Ireland. We have forty years’ experience operating in the industrial and commercial sectors.     

And you?

I am a Director of the company.  I am a self-taught AutoCAD and SketchUp user.  I create the plans we need for compliance to the UK Building Regulations on AutoCAD, and use SketchUp for 3D modelling to give our clients a feel for the spaces involved in their projects.

Tell me about the project associated with your December 2017 Rendering of the Month winner

On this project we constructed a 2 storey office block extension.  Initially, the gym was to be part of the extension, however the client ultimately decided against it in the short term.  They might do that next year.

Damien Henderson's Rendering of the Month winner using IRender nXt SketchUp extension
Turkingtonsgym preview.jpg

Here are a couple of other renderings from this project

GD Henderson building.jpg
GD Henderson office.jpg

Tell me about your experience using IRender nXt

Your rendering programme is one of the best I have used and I look forward to continual improvements and added features.  It is easy to use and has many features (a lot of which I haven’t used yet), but most importantly it produces great quality renders.  Customers love the renderings!

How long have you been using IRender nXt?

For about 2 years.  I render once every 2 months or so.

Thanks Damien, and all the best for your company’s continued success!

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