Dilusso Design Group - Case Study

Dynamic Duo at Dilusso Delivering in Dallas

For this case study we’re in the heart of Texas, USA! We’re talking to Teresa Gray-Benfield, CEO and Principal Designer, and Melissa Chen, VP and Lead Designer, who are making a name for themselves at Dilusso Design Group (DDG), based in Dallas. DDG is a boutique designer of Multi-Family and Hospitality building interiors.

Teresa, how did DDG come about?

We are both relatively recent graduates of the University of North Texas where we met while studying Commercial interior design. I established DDG in 2016 after graduating from the University of North Texas (UNT). Prior to UNT, I worked in residential interior design.

How’s business?

We are growing fast! We already have an established client base who rely on us for their projects. Word is spreading and we continue to be approached by new clients.

That sounds very positive. What sets DDG apart from other interior designers?

I believe our approach of creating project specific, unique and relevant designs is different to most of the industry. I like to say we give our designs heart and soul. Other designers provide a cookie cutter approach, which works well for some clients, but not for those looking for something more appropriate for their particular space or community. As a result, we are also catching the eye of potential clients in the hotel industry.

What software are you using to develop your designs?

We design in SketchUp and use your IRender nXt rendering software as well as PhotoShop.

When did you start using IRender nXt, and why?

I started using IRender at UNT. I tried a number of other renderers, but IRender was the easiest to work with and produced great photorealistic images. DDG decided to try outsourcing rendering, but we ended up spending too much time providing instructions. When you’re trying to let your artistic flair surface, it tends to be easier just to do it yourself. We now do all our own rendering in-house; IRender really works well for us.

What do you like about IRender nXt?

IRender gives us the control we need to reliably and consistently produce quality renderings. Being able to quickly adjust lights, materials, and textures is key in creating the detail and photorealism we need to provide to our clients. It’s a great fit for DDG.

Can you share some renderings from one of your projects?

Sure! Here’s several renderings from a project in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff, Texas.

Dilusso 3.jpg

Dilusso 2.jpg

2018 Apr RotM winner.jpg

Thank you, Teresa and Melissa! It’s good to hear that IRender nXt is supporting your passion for producing innovative designs in Dallas and beyond!

- For more information on Dilusso Design Group visit DDG or email inquire@dilussodesign.com
- For more information on Render Plus Software visit renderplus.com

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