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We’re pleased to be able to talk with Claire Allen of KONTEXT architects llc. KONTEXT is based in Sun Prairie, a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin.

The renowned artist Georgia O'Keeffe was born in Sun Prairie in 1887. She is especially well known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, New Mexico landscapes, and New York skyscrapers. While KONTEXT has not designed any skyscrapers, their multi-disciplined studio of experienced professionals provide comprehensive architectural design services around the region, and have a broad portfolio of completed projects including historic structures, educational facilities, general commercial, institutional, multifamily, and other residential.

Another Sun Prairie, WI institution - Groundhog Day

Hello Claire! What sets KONTEXT apart from others in your niche?
Our modest-sized architectural firm puts an emphasis on building and sustaining relationships with our clients through personal service and availability. These long-lasting relationships often lead to future projects and referrals from previous clients.

When did you start using IRender and why?
Our owner, Kelly Thompson, began using IRender over 10 years ago. He was attracted to its mid-range price, lighting capabilities, and ease of use. I started experimenting with the program for my studio classes in college and have enjoyed applying it to our projects since!

What do you like about IRender?
The firm as a whole appreciates the ability to make photorealistic renderings that better communicate the design to our clients. I personally enjoy the ability to edit materials and change the way that they interact with lighting when they render.

What elements do you pay most attention to when rendering? 
We tend to look for the reflectivity of items in glazing, and the shadows that are produced from different types of lighting.

Please give us some background on a project you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using IRender nXt.
This is the Chapel Valley Church located in Madison, WI. We worked closely with the client to update their reception area and office space so that it was timeless, inviting and better suited to their congregation’s needs. These renderings were able to give the client a better visual idea of the project outcome, and assisted in fundraising.

Reception looking into desk

Close up reception (far)

Close up reception

Thanks, Claire!  We appreciate you sharing how IRender nXt contributes to KONTEXT’s client interaction.

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