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Using Light Effectively to Render Evocative Images with IRender nXt

Foster 6.jpg
Foster and Associates, led by Jodi and Ian Foster, is an architectural and interior design company based in Lilyfield, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.  This dynamic duo has extensive experience in commercial, retail and residential projects, and a special interest in energy efficient design.    Much of their experience has been gained from large scale projects around Asia and the Middle East.  During their careers they have worked on heritage and culturally significant projects, including Pier 6/7 Walsh Bay in Sydney and the conversion of the former Sydney Morning Herald Building into a world class 5 star hotel.

Herald Building 1.jpg Herald Building 2.png
Back in 1930 and today - The Sydney Morning Herald Building now Radisson Blu Hotel

Hello Jodi, what sets you/your business apart from your others in your niche?
We are a small practice; we love what we do! We give excellent service, and we achieve exciting and individual outcomes for each project and client.

When did you start using SketchUp and IRender nXt?  Why did you choose IRender?
We started using SketchUp about 15 years ago, then about 7 years ago we were introduced to IRender. We loved it straight away. It is very user friendly and within minutes the addition of lighting and reflective surfaces can change your interior view from looking amateurish to looking more polished.

Are there any features in the software that you find especially useful?
The ability to use different light sources and types of lighting is perfect. The ability to add texture and smooth surfaces to achieve a reflective result is what makes the image so evocative.

Can you share some renderings from a recent project you’ve done?
Here are examples of two small residential projects we’ve done - Lilyfield House and Annandale House.  You can see the design stage and then the actual finished product. You can see how well the combination of SketchUp an IRender gives the client an excellent understanding of the finished result.

Lilyfield House Project

Foster 1.jpg
Render view 1 – outside into interior

Foster 2.jpg
Render view 2 – interior to outside

Foster 3.jpg
Photo of completed project

Annandale House Project

Foster 4.jpg

Foster 5.jpg
Photo of completed project

Very nice, and it’s great to see a photo of the completed project alongside your rendering.  What kind of feedback do you receive about your renderings? 
We have learned that our clients have faith in the outcome of their projects due to the renderings.

Thank you, Jodi! We appreciate you sharing your projects and insights into how you work with IRender nXt.

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