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Client Confidence with ArielVision SketchUp Rendering

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This case study features Paul Rowell, Designer, at Brandi Projects. Brandi is based in a suburb of Brisbane, Australia. Paul uses our ArielVision SketchUp rendering extension.

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Beautiful Brisbane

Hello Paul, please tell us about your business.
We are a multidisciplinary company comprised of four directors of varying occupational backgrounds and trades staff. Brandi Projects consult, design, and create museum exhibits, children’s library areas and visitor discovery/experience centres in Australia. The company is 33 years old and my fellow directors and I have been running it for the last 13 years.

What sets your business apart from your others in your niche?
Experience of doing this for so long and the trust we get from our clients - we basically build anything and everything. People come to us because no other company will build what they want. We have built submarines, planes and more. We were once asked to hang a plane from a ceiling, so we did a lot of research and got it done.

Why did you choose ArielVision?
We started using SketchUp in 2010 and ArielVision shortly after. I trialed a few rendering plugins and found ArielVision to be so intuitive. It was easy to use and gave our submissions much more in the way of detail enabling us to show the client the finished product before the building has been built. That means a lot to them and gives them confidence, which gives us credibility.

What do you like about ArielVision?
I find that the effects such as lighting reflections are very quick and easy to apply; it’s just no mess, no fuss, at a great price.

What elements do you pay most attention to when rendering?
We use a lot of special lighting in museum applications, so I find it crucial to get that right from the initial render that I give the client.

Please give us some background on a recent project you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using ArielVision.
These container bars and bar images are concepts that were reworked a few times for an outback museum that has a rodeo show built in. We were all very happy with the finished precinct and have had many drinks over the bar!

PR 1.jpg

PR 2.jpg

The submarine was a concept that puts the visitor under the water on dry land and takes you on a journey showing you what few get to see. PR 3.jpg

The discovery centre is a work in progress. This image shows what we really love to do; create spaces for the public to be educated and informed while being immersed in the themes. PR 4.jpg

The recycling education centre is designed to show school groups how to be kinder to the planet.
PR 5.jpg

This is a concept for a potential museum experience celebrating the indigenous in a regional museum, which I wanted to be quite a powerful experience. PR 6.jpg

Do you receive any feedback on the renderings? 
Never had a complaint yet …

Thank you, Paul!

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