Gizmo Display Services - Case Study

Meeting Concept-to-Installation Deadlines with IRender nXt SketchUp Rendering

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This case study features Martin Stoney of Gizmo Display Services, a leading display and design company specializing in retail display for the cosmetics world. Gizmo uses our IRender nXt SketchUp rendering extension.

Gizmo is based in Stapleford Tawney, Essex, a small village on the outskirts of northeast London, England.

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The Gizmo office, tucked away in tiny Stapleford Tawney

Hello Martin. Please tell us about Gizmo.
The company was created some 28 years ago. We offer a complete retail display service for the cosmetics world, from design conception through to product storage. We work on small window displays all the way to nationwide product launches.

When did you start using SketchUp and IRender nXt?
We started using SketchUp around 2006 due to its ease of use which enabled us to quickly draw 3D models. We added IRender nXt a couple of years later.

What do you like about IRender nXt?
As IRender works within SketchUp, it gives us a one-stop design and rendering solution. We like the user-friendly interface and (almost) one click render capability. The ease and speed at which we quickly produce rendered images is very important to us as our business has very tight concept-to-installation deadlines.

Please share some of your recent renderings.
Here is some of our rendering work.

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Giz 1.jpg

Giz 3.jpg

Giz 4.jpg

Giz 5.jpg

Giz 6.jpg

Giz 10.jpg

Giz 9.jpg

Giz 7.jpg

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Do you receive any feedback on the renderings? 
Yes, we often get great feedback from clients on the quality of our visuals.

Thank you, Martin!

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