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Emotion and Drama! Just Add Lighting and Render with IRender nXt

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This case study features David Wojcik, owner and principal architect of Wojcik + Associates Architects, Inc. David is based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 20 miles northwest of Chicago and directly adjacent to O'Hare International Airport.

Having traveled extensively through China and Japan, he absorbed the architectural landscape enabling him to seamlessly incorporate Asian design methodologies into his work. But what really set him on his career path was Lego! "Playing with Lego's is one of my earliest memories. I would save up to buy one gigantic space station set, just so I could have the windows to use on a house I was creating, I knew back then I wanted to be an architect".

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Architectural inspiration 80’s style

Hello Dave, please tell us about your business and you.
I am a licensed architect and have been President of my own 1-person firm for 21 years. My practice primarily focuses on single and multi-family residential projects from new design, addition/remodeling, forensic investigation, repair drawings and litigation support.

When did you start using SketchUp and IRender nXt?
In 2002 when I started my practice, I taught myself how to use SketchUp and it was only a few years later that I wanted to enhance the 3d models I was creating. That’s when I researched good quality, easy to use and relatively affordable rendering software packages. After the trial period was up, I was sold on IRender nXt.

What do you like about IRender nXt?
My favorite features are the almost photorealistic rendering capabilities, especially of foliage, and ease of the various lighting options. The quick processing of the rendering helps save time by catching errors or unwanted elements early.

What elements do you pay most attention to when rendering?
Lighting really creates a little drama and emotion, whether it’s for an exterior or an interior rendering, and helps “sell” the design intent.

Please give us some background on a recent project you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using IRender nXt.
These rendered images are different iterations of an interior design for a remodeling of an existing residence. My ability to create various designs, relatively quickly and submit to the homeowner were key in a) getting the job, and b) making them feel like we explored all options within reason.

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What feedback did you receive on these renderings? 
The homeowners were pleased and thanked me for making it easy for them to understand some of the subtle nuances of their proposed remodeling design. Some people can’t visualize a 2d plan, the rendered model removes that hurdle.

Thank you, Dave! Your focus on lighting to add emotion and drama really comes through in your renderings,

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