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Rendering Stage Designs with IRender nXt SketchUp Extension

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We’re pleased to have hopped over the border to Vancouver, Canada, to talk with Dan Dawydiak of Second Stage Management Services Ltd.  Dan uses our IRender nXt for SketchUp rendering extension.

Let's just start by highlighting the magnificent support Second Stage provides to several charities in their community, including Dress for Success® Vancouver. 

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The Dress for Success® mission is to “empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life”, and Second Stage donates in a variety of ways to support their fundraising events.

Hello Dan!  Please tell us about your business
Second Stage Management is a full service audio visual presentation company.  We have been serving our clients for almost 30 years by providing concepts, designs, production schedules, AV set up and installation, and technical and event production services.

What sets Second Stage apart from others in your niche?
Working with our clients from concept to completion, instills a sense of trust and creates longevity in client/supplier relationships.  It is not uncommon for Second Stage to maintain clients for decades.

When did you start using IRender and why?
We started using the software more than 6 years ago as it was recommended very highly by our colleagues in the business.

What do you like about IRender?
Particularly for stage design, the renderings are extremely helpful for the installation crew to use as a reference during construction.  Client’s love seeing the designs and find it helpful to visualize the completed spaces for their events. The realistic lighting effects give a true representation of the final installation.

What elements do you pay most attention to when rendering?
Extremely accurate scale and ratio is important when sets are designed to fit in confined spaces and the drawings eliminate the possibility of error during set ups. 

Please give us some background on some recent projects you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using IRender.
Ovarian Cancer Canada relies on Second Stage to come up with creative ways to engage their audience and present their message at a live event.  The renderings have always helped OCC understand the concept presented and helps solidify the idea.  When the installation crew begins construction, they have a comprehensive model to follow through to completion.  The clients love the drawings, the venues want them, and the crew finds them an excellent resource on site.

Second Stage rendering
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Photo at the event
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Another example is the trade show booth designed for a mortgage brokering firm.  They wanted to be the largest display at the convention trade show, however, there were very strict guidelines on dimension, floor space and height that needed to be considered.  The concept showed how they could maximize to the last allowable inch.  After the booth was created, it towered over all the other displays and still fit well under the guidelines.
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And here are several other renderings we’ve produced for various events.
Stage Design 5.jpg

SS 6.jpg

SS 7.jpg

SS 4.jpg

Do you receive any feedback on your renderings?
A very nice compliment, and positive feedback, comes from one of the hotels that Second Stage builds sets and stages in.  The events manager always asks for 2 versions of the drawings, 1 of the 2d floorplan that the hotel can use for their staff to set the room, and a final 3d rendering that he keeps in his personal file… very nice.

Thanks, Dan!  It’s great to see how you use renderings for various purposes during a project.

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