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Effectiveness and Efficiency with SketchUp Design and IRender nXt Rendering!

We’re excited to talk with Lori Kelly, owner of Idg Designs! Lori has been working as an Architectural Illustrator for over 20 years in sunny Murrieta, California. Here’s an example of one of Lori’s fabulous illustrations.

Kelly 1.jpg

Hello Lori. Tell us a little about you!

Although my bachelor’s degree is in Interior Design, I also have a great deal of experience in residential, multi-family, commercial and retail design. I have been helping home builders and architects through the years providing conceptual designs for their projects. When I first started in the industry, I did all of my drawing and sketching by hand. I now have experience with multiple software applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop and IRender nXt, and use these to generate all of my 3D images.

What sets you apart in your niche?

I believe being able to use a mix of different software applications sets me aside from most interior designers and architectural illustrators. I’ve refined my processes over time and have become very proficient at importing and exporting files between applications, which has greatly boosted my ability to quickly and efficiently deliver designs to my clients.

Can you give us an example of a recent project you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using IRender nXt?

I recently was given the opportunity to redesign the store entrance for the guitar manufacturer, Fender, in Corona, California. The project began with simple conceptual designs for the entrance, but quickly grew to include design for internal areas within the company as well. While I had to work within some guidelines that Fender had provided, overall the space was mine to create. I was given a simple shell of a building from which I created spaced plans in AutoCAD, and I was fortunate that CAD files already existed for the areas that I was to work on. Once the plans were approved, I imported the CAD files into SketchUp as I design faster in that software.

I did all of the renderings for my design with IRender nXt. This allowed me to create ceiling lighting grids so that I could highlight areas with Fender's clientele and memorabilia that I really wanted to show off.

Kelly 2.jpg

Kelly 3.jpg

Kelly 4.jpg

Did you receive any feedback from your client on the renderings/your work for them?

Absolutely. The images I produced using IRender nXt helped convey the conceptual design providing Fender with important initial visuals, and from this starting point the project was approved and built per my SketchUp drawings. The renderings played a big part in the ultimate success of the project.

Here are a few more renderings giving you further examples of the diversity of my design work
Kelly 5.jpg

Kelly 6.jpg

Kelly 7.jpg

When did you start using IRender nXt and why?

I started using IRender over 13 years ago. I initially spent a great deal of time finding a rendering program that was right for me. I was looking for a user-friendly program and IRender fit the bill and has worked very well for me since. I haven’t really been tempted to replace it as my feeling is don't fix something that isn't broken! I have also worked with many home builders and architects over the years and shared my belief in the tandem of SketchUp and IRender. Many of them tried the combination and started using them similar to how I have.

IRender has helped me in so many different ways. It allows my clients to visualize what their projects will look like when completed. I have the flexibility to apply my own materials which enables me to give the final product a very realistic look.

What do you like about IRender? Are there any features in the software that you find especially useful?

I love working with IRender because it’s user friendly. I like the fact that I can quickly produce a simple rendering and see the affects that I am looking for without waiting for hours for a final product. I’m usually able to tell from a quick rendering if I’m on the right path for success. Obviously, all final renders are done at a larger scale and take more time to create. Overall, IRender provides me with the ability to provide quality renderings that help me convey my designs and win business.

What elements do you pay most attention to when you render an image?

I pay more attention to lighting as it is very important in most of my applications. The textures and mirroring effects also help me to provide an excellent quality render.

We appreciate you taking time out to share your experience with us, Lori! We hope you continue to impress your clients with the SketchUp / IRender combination.

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