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How Rendering with nXtRender Makes it Easy for Solpoints' Clients to Visualize Design Concepts!

We’re pleased to be talking with Marc Marano. Based in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, Marc is Principal of Solpoints, providing concept to construction design services.  He’s a veteran designer with wide-ranging experience, mostly specializing in retail space and exhibits.  Marc designed his own studio, which is 100% solar powered providing his heat, hot water, and electricity!

Friendlys ice cream.jpg
Wilbraham, home of Friendly’s ice cream (we like the look of the Hunka Chunka PB Fudge)!

Hello Marc!  How long have you been using AutoCAD?
I started using AutoCAD in 1991 and currently use version 2014. 

And nXtRender for AutoCAD?
I started using AccuRender (as nXtRender was previously branded) around 1993.  I recently upgraded my license and it’s proving to be better than ever. 

How’s business for you at the moment?
Design is a cyclical business, but I’m very busy right now.  Probably because it’s an election year!  I’ve worked consistently with a number of high-profile companies over the years including LEGO, Pepsico, Yankee Candle, and others.

Here are a few of my favorite renderings I’ve produced using nXtRender:

MM RID.jpg

MM Pepsi.jpg

MM Hard Rock.jpg

MM Yankee.jpg

How does rendering fit into your client relationships?
Clients expect to see renderings of what you’re designing for them.  It’s not always easy for them to visualize the end product, so the ability to quickly produce a set of 3D renderings, typically around 6 views, solves that.  A client will provide me with feedback, and I can quickly modify the design and re-render, if needed.  Working in this manner has resulted in repeat business, which provides me with the confirmation that I’m doing things right.

nXtRender has obviously continued to meet your rendering needs over the years.  What’s kept you on board?
For me, a big part of rendering is speed and nXtRender is now even faster than it’s been in the past.  That’s not to say that nXtRender doesn’t deliver in other areas; it’s a plugin, so I don’t have to leave AutoCAD to start rendering, and I can also go back to designing in AutoCAD while rendering in parallel.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s very affordable!

Also, effective lighting is an important part of retail and exhibit design, as is the ability to edit graphics.  Display branding is critical, and with logos changing frequently it’s easy for my clients to lose track of their latest iterations.

Thank you Marc!  We appreciate your continued use of nXtRender and wish you continued success in the retail / exhibit design space.

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