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'Testimonials' from Render Plus Software users

...fantastic product.

Thanks for your help - this is a fantastic product (SpaceDesign).

Ken, New Zealand (2018) works very well.

I bought a license of one year through my professional high school, it works very well.

Christian, France (2018)

Light channels ... other engines do not have this amazing feature

IRender nXt is much more intuitive and has the unique benefit of light channels which is what allows me to capture all the different light ambiances in one render job, the other engines do not have this amazing feature. Also, the guys at Render Plus are brilliantly helpful and rapid in response.

Graham, Torrington, UK (2018)

Impressed with the customer support

... and am so impressed with the customer support that you have given me. Rest assured that I will be certainly recommending to fellow SU (SketchUp) users to buy your integrated plugin for rendering

Barbara, Ontario, Canada (2018)

A very quick and easy rendering plugin

Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed using IRender nXt.  It's a very quick and easy rendering plugin

Mit, Farnborough, UK (2018)

I really appreciate the response

Thank you so much for giving me some ideas and the forum! I'll look into it and I really appreciate the response

Dylan, MO, USA (2018)

Fantastic rendering results

What a great program. Fantastic rendering results. looking forward to getting on board with this for exterior reno work

Craig, GA, USA (2018)

Great plugin

I am thoroughly enjoying the program and think it's a great plugin.

Mit, Farnborough, UK (2018)

Best I've ever used

Your renderer is the best one I’ve ever used for SketchUp. IRender gives enough control over render settings and materials without making it rocket science.

Jonathan Sturdivant

Incredibly powerful

IRender nXt only took me a few days to fully understand and learn all about lighting before I was producing renderings for our clients here at Hussmann. It's incredibly powerful and the easiest renderer to learn and use for SketchUp.

Mark D Taylor

I just love how your programs keeps on having better updates each month

and one of the best customer support on forums.

Simon Loisel-Goudreau

Your support and response time has really been appreciated

I’m teaching this stuff and can barely keep up with the students sometimes so my learning curve has to be accelerated sometimes.


I love this feature of iRender, it actually does true orthogonal renders.

So here it is. Renders were done in iRender NXT and are as yet basic. ...IRender is able to handle this 81MB beast, which is more than can be said of Vray... exporting 2D images from SU itself is rather more of a problem too... I did these renders in the trial version of IRender, which runs out in 6 days, so I'm now considering buying it. It does have good RPC plant options that I'd love to experiment with! ... Here's another render. I love this feature of IRender, it actually does true orthogonal renders.

I fully expected to consign IRender to the deeper recesses of my ‘C’ drive

I fully expected to consign IRender to the deeper recesses of my ‘C’ drive. What I did not expect, was the level of enthusiasm I have come away with from this first project. I now want to learn all I can about SU and IR. I have produced a reasonable render for my client. Yes there are things I have done which I am not sure how they worked out as they have and will probably not work the same way with my next model.

It has been a long time since I downloaded a piece of software which not only worked out of the box, but filled me with an enthusiasm, which has been missing for a long time.

Graham J Guise RIBA.

..why didn't I see this before?

..why didn't I see this before? Sigh... Just bought the new Vray, which is giving me endless trouble. Because I can t(yet?) render with that, I downloaded the iRender demo. It's excellent! Beautiful results, absolutely on a par with Vray; far more intuitive interface; and some nice environment options too. It renders a big model that makes Vray crash without a glitch, and pretty fast at that. So much for impulse buying. I'm seriously considering getting this anyway. Congratulation to you and your team Al!

Martin PH (on SketchUcation Forum)

I have used both Twilight and IRender nXt

I have used both Twilight and IRender nXt. Twilight is not as intuitive. It starts off very easy to use but get more complex when you want to assign materials and lights.

Elijah Bell, Jr. - Designer (Architectural)

Once again thanks for your quick response

Once again thanks for your quick response. Your product is starting to really turn heads in our office as we use it more.

Scott Anderson, Assoc. AIA, Designer, Architecture Incorporated

I am ... new to 3D modeling and rendering

I am a biomedical engineering graduate student and new to 3D modeling and rendering. I made a model in SketchUp for a scientific paper but it felt like it was missing something. I wanted to give it a little more "wow" factor. That's when I stumbled upon your software package. Using your tutorials I was able to get off the ground quickly and make an amazing rendered image for the paper. Thanks for a great product.

Rob Hart

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