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Visually Compelling Exhibit Booth Rendering using IRender nXt

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In this case study we talk with Thomas Samuels, President of Cardinal Expo. In business for over 30 years, Cardinal Expo is a full-service trade show and exhibit services company originating in Chicago, headquartered in New Orleans, and with site supervisors from the East to West Coast. Cardinal uses our IRender nXt for SketchUp rendering software.

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Thomas Samuels

Hello Thomas, tell us about your business.
We provide customizable exhibits for clients at shows across the U.S., including Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans, and much more. We produce top-of-the-line trade show experiences by managing every detail, from layout to building the booth of your dreams, shipping it, assembling and disassembling it, packing it, storing it, and more.

Our exhibits are available for rental or purchase, and they come with comprehensive exhibit management by our team of experts. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to create the best design and experiences for our clients.

Why did you start using IRender nXt?
We started using IRender to create realistic and accurate models of our trade show booths. It has been invaluable for displaying the proper proportions and build, which helps to give our clients a clearer picture of their ideas. Exhibit layout and design are highly visual. Being able to bring our clients’ ideas to life while also showing them our own expert recommendations is a critical part of the process to create a successful trade show booth.

IRender has also helped to ensure the proper functionality of each booth we design. We can see every angle and plan every inch. With software like this, we almost feel like we’re at the trade show before it even happens.

What do you like about IRender? Are there any features in the software that you find especially useful?
The best part of IRender is its ability to capture details. Trade show booths can be a big investment, and clients want to know what they’re getting and make sure it aligns with their goals and vision every step of the way. It also allows us to provide the attention to detail that we love to bring as industry experts to every design. IRender is very versatile and helps us create precise images of the designs we create.

What elements do you pay most attention to when rendering?
Lighting is incredibly important when producing a render that is visually appealing. It sets the right mood for an exhibit and it can help draw the eye to certain areas, such as key product displays.

Another element to pay attention to when rendering is making sure all of the components of the design function properly. It is much easier to catch an issue in the early stages. Overall, our goal is to give our clients a realistic picture of the product that we will be building for them, and make sure that everything fits their unique needs and business objectives for the show at hand.

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Please give us some background on a recent project you’ve done for which you’ve produced renderings using IRender nXt.
IRender has played a major part in building our website. It has helped us give examples of our exhibit rentals and what we are capable of producing for our clients all around the country. A beautiful render goes a long way. It can help to capture the inspiration and excitement of both current and prospective clients.

Client satisfaction is our main priority, and giving clients a high-quality, accurate image of the booth we will be building is a large part of our selling point. Taking a client’s ideas and putting them into a design that they can visualize demonstrates our careful attention to detail and the value we put into every partnership.

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At the same time, the visuals that we are able to produce can captivate viewers' attention when coming to our website. It gives them ideas and inspiration, helping them to visualize what they want and what we can build for them.

Do you receive any feedback from your clients on your renderings? 
We have received much praise for our renders from our clients. In particular, they appreciate our attention to detail, how we are able to bring their ideas to life, and how easily they can visualize what the final product will look like.

…and tell us anything else you think might be of interest.
We are currently using IRender to help create visuals for our new LED video wall products. Using IRender gave us complete control over the visual use of these new LED light installations, and we are excited to be able to share what we came up with.

Thank you, Thomas! We love to hear the important role rendered images play in helping to meeting client expectations.

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