Controlling tesselation-- smoothing curved objects

nXtRender approximates curved solids with meshes. You can control the density of these meshes by using a combination of AutoCAD's _FACETRES system variable and the Tesselation setting on nXtRender's Object Properties tab. These two values act together. The product of the two determine the density of the mesh. Higher values produce denser meshes. These will appear smoother, but will require more memory and rendering time.

Beyond Tesselation.jpg

Additional Notes

  • _FACETRES operates globally and will affect all curved objects in your drawing. The Tesselation property can be applied to individual objects. The Tesselation property is used by nXtRender only and does not affect the AutoCAD display.
  • nXtRender does not respond to _VIEWRES except for the WalkAbout display.
  • See AutoCAD Help for more information on _FACETRES and _VIEWRES.

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