nXtRender Render Ready

nXtRender Ready blocks are have light and material settings already saved in the blocks so you can place them in AutoCAD and render them without having to add lighting and other parameters.

Download and Installation

You can download the nXtRender Add-ons from:

nXtRender Add-ons

After they are installed, they will appear on the Plugins Ribbon, or you can type in: RPS_AC_RENDER_READY

The nXtRender Add-ons can be download from: Add-ons for nXtRender.

Here are some ceiling lights:

AutoCAD Render Ready-23.jpg

Here are some other lights:

AutoCAD Render Ready.jpg

Rendering with nXtRender

After clicking Create/Place and rendering the model, here are the download lights in action.

AutoCAD Render Ready-2.jpg


  • Some lights, such as the wall lights will require you to set the AutoCAD UCS to the desired wall for placement.
  • Currently, if you re-install nXtRender, you will need to re-install the nXtRender Add-ons as well.

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