The RPS 3D PDF exporter will take your SketchUp models and turn them into interactive 3D PDF files that can be widely distributed and viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can post interactive 3D PDF files on your web page for product presentations or send to clients for their review and comments, making it quick and easy for them to review your creations!

Features include:

  • Export 3D geometry, with colors and textures, into an Interactive 3D Model presented in a Adobe PDF file
  • Easily add titles, notes and comments to the 3D PDF document you create using the 3D PDF Wizard
  • Highly versatile since they work on the PDF operating platforms
  • Create batch files to automate the creation of your 3D PDFs

Try RPS 3D PDF free for 30 days!

The 30-day free trial version is fully functional, with no watermarks or other limitations.

Contact us with any questions Render Plus Support Email

If you are trying RPS 3D PDF for the first time and have problems, Don't Give Up. Between the combinations of SketchUp versions, Windows versions, and machine types, sometimes things can go wrong. Just let us know if anything is not working.

If you have problems with downloads or installation, contact us at Render Plus Support Email.

  • Download Problems - If the download doesn't start, try again. Sometimes our download service gets a little fussy, so if it still doesn't start please email us and we will send you a direct link to try.
  • Installation - During installation, you need to select the version of SketchUp you have installed on your computer. If you have problems contact us right away.
  • SketchUp Toolbar - If the application does not appear on the SketchUp tool bar, look under plugins. If there is an entry called RPS 3D PDF Load', click it.


  • If you have other problems, or questions on how to use RPS 3D PDF, place them on our RPS 3D PDF Forum

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