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IRender nxt for SketchUp

Learn how to use IRender nXt to create stunning images from your SketchUp models. Turn your SketchUp designs into beautifully rendered, high-resolution images. Add lights, materials, skies, etc. to create photorealistic renderings directly from SketchUp.

Create photorealistic, still, panorama and animation images files from 3D models using raytracing and radiosity technologies. This reference manual has Tutorials, explanations of rendering terms, and specific instructions for Wizards to help you use IRender nXt for SketchUp. Step-by-step examples will make it easy to learn how to render with SketchUp. Examples, Images and information on rendering terms and capabilities which you can use to improve your renderings.

Other Tutorials

IRender nXt Interior Pool Tutorial

Figure 21.jpg
This new Tutorial, basic room model and some of the components were built by Jorge López.

Jorge López is an architect who has been teaching at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids,Iowa since 1991. This IRender nXt tutorial was created for his students in the CAD SketchUp class.

It is a great tutorial for learning many different aspects of IRender nXt

Upon completing this Tutorial, you will be able to

a. create light fixtures
b. add light emitters to existing components
c. modify light properties
d. use channels to adjust light levels
e. modify material properties
f. render a 360° panoramic view
g. create a rendered animation

RPS 3D PDF tutorials

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