nXtRender Background Wizard

The nXtRender Background Wizard is used to easily position background images and HDRi skies behind your SketchUp model before rendering.

Download and Installation

You can download the nXtRender Add-ons from:

nXtRender Add-ons

After they are installed, they will appear on the Plugins Ribbon, or you can type in: RPS_AC_RENDER_READY

The nXtRender Add-ons can be download from: Add-ons for nXtRender.

Background Positioning

The Background Wizard makes it easy to position your rendered model in a background, and to remember the settings for future renderings.

In this sample, we loaded a background image which did not match the perspective of the current AutoCASD view.\

Render with strand - original.jpg

By loading the background wizard, we are able to see the background image both behind the AutoCAD view, and through the transparent windows. By dragging the handles on the background image, we can get the matching we want.

Distorted background.jpg

And then, we we re-render the model, we get a background which aligns with the current view.

Render with strand - distorted.jpg

Using Background Wizard

First select the view and background image you want from the nXtRender panel

Background panel.jpg

From the nXtRender Ribbon, select Image Wizard

NXtRender Ribbon.jpg

This will load the Background Wizard showing the AutoCAD view superimposed over the background image.

NXtRender Background Wizard.jpg

  • Background Positioning
These values show the offsets and scales which are applied to the rendering engine when positioning the background.
  • Maintain Aspect Ratio
if this is checked, then the when stretching the image, the original aspect ration will be maintained.
  • Distortion
  • Off - Background is always rectangular
  • Perspective - Right and Left side can be expanded or reduced to product a perspective effect.
  • Full - all four corner points can be changed independently
  • Reset Position
Resets to the default scale and offset
  • background Image filters
Apply some simple filters to the background image.
  • Zoom Background Images
Zoom,In, Soom Out, Zoom All, Zoom to rendered area only
  • Show only render area
When not checked you can see the full background image, outside of the rendered image, and use the handles to stretch or scale the background.
  • Show model as Wire-frame
This can make it easier to see the background image behind the model.
  • Opacity
Makes the AutoCAD image more transparent so you can see the background better behind it.

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