Combining daylighting and artificial lighting for an interior rendering

By default, nXtRender's Interior Daylight preset does not allow you to add artificial lights. To combine both types of lighting use the following steps:

  1. Select the Interior Daylight preset on the Lighting Tab.
  2. Check Show Advanced Tab
  3. On the Advanced Tab, change Lights from Off to On. The Lights Tab will appear and allow you to add lights to your model.
Lights On.jpg

Additional Notes:

  • Use accurate values for your lights, daylight settings, and window glass if possible.
Because the sun and sky are very much brighter than most lights, you may not see a lot of effect from adding artificial lighting to your daylit scene. This is normal. Avoid the temptation to artificially boost the power of your light sources. It is legitimate to turn the sun and sky down somewhat, as these are based on a clear, unimpeded sky. A multi-channel rendering may help you get the picture you want, while still preserving accurate data.

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