IRender nXt Version 5.0

IRender nXt 5.0 Features for SketchUp Renderings - Image Layer Wizard, HDRi Skies, Sample Models, and others.

New Version of IRender nXt - IRender nXt Version 7.0

This article is about an old version of IRender nXt. For the latest version see IRender nXt Version 7.0

Render Plus systems announces the release of IRender nXt 5.0 for Trimble SketchUp

IRender nXt is a powerful plugin for rendering high-resolution images right inside SketchUp. IRender nXt is fully-integrated with Sketch Up materials, lighting, and components for complete control of interior, exterior, daytime or night-time scenes.

IRender nXt 5.0 makes it easier for designers to build render-ready SketchUp models and quickly fine-tune render settings. Version 5.0 is all about improving the rendering workflow and adding simple, powerful controls for important render settings. IRender nXt 5.0 helps you make great renders, faster.

Version 5.0 Highlights

IRender Ready Lights, Mirrors, and Trees

IRender Ready Content

IRender Ready content in 3D Warehouse

Our special collection in the Trimble SketchUp 3D Warehouse includes lights, mirrors and other components that are ready for use with IRender.

Lighting, Reflection and other render settings are already stored in the the components, making these components IRender Ready.

"Background / Layer" Wizard

Image Layer Wizard

Positioning and sizing images with the Image Layer Wizard

The Image Layer Wizard makes it easy to scale and position foreground and background images with your rendering.

Watch the Video: HDRi Positioning Video

How to use it

  1. Download the latest version of IRender nXt
  2. Select Position/Preview from the Background Setup Tab.

Lights Query and Edit Wizard

Lights Query and Edit Wizard

Query and Edit Lights in Model

The Lights Query and Edit Wizard makes it easy to find, examine, and edit the artificial lights you have placed in your SketchUp Model for rendering with IRender nXt.

This new dialog, available from the Query and Edit Lights in Model button on the Lights Tab of the IRender nXt Options Wizard allows you to select, view, and edit lights in your model.

Rotate View While Rendering

Rotate View While Rendering

View and Rotate model while rendering.

View rotate.png - The View Rotate rendering toolbar button lets you change the view and zoom after rendering, and re-render without having to change the view in SketchUp, re-extract and re-render the model.

While changing views, the original model from SketchUp is shown with its SketchUp colors and textures.

Change the view as desired and re-render when done.

HDRi Lighting Preset

HDRi Lighting Preset

Scene illuminated by HDRi Sky.

The HDRi Sky preset loads a HDRi background and sky - Bear Mountain - and make other settings to make the sky visible.

We have been able to use HDRi Skies for lighting in the past, but the new Lighting Preset makes it easy to set one up with a single click.

After selecting this preset, you can easily use the HDRi tab to select other skies.


Sample Models and Renderings

Sample Models and Renderings

Select and start with Sample Models

Additions to the Sample Models and Tutorials dialog include tabs for Rendering Tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Tip of the Day, and a link to popular IRender nXt Videos.

Other 5.0 Features

Make Tileable Added a Make Tileable tool to the Material Texture dialog, to create repeatable texture images more easily.
Automatic Luminance Added locking of Automatic Luminance to allow lighting channel changes without automatic adjustments in scene brightness.
Lighting Channels Added a check box to Lighting Channels to quickly turn them on and off without losing the slider settings.
HDRi Skies Improved slider bar for HDRi rotations to show changes in image.
Lighting Channels Added "Automatically include all Lighting Channels" check box.
Background Images Added the ability to store Background images in the SketchUp model, for portability. This feature can be enabled on the Options/Background tab.

RPC Content

Added a couple more search paths for finding of the RPC Content manager.

Animation Add Codec choices for Animations.
Lighting Channels Fixed Animations to be able to use the same Average Luminance that is shown on the Lighting Channels dialog when viewed from the Render Window.
Render Tab Added a check box to the More option tab to set Low Priority for the rendering process.

Previous 4.0 Features

Volumetric Fog for hazy and smokey effects.
IRender nXt Create PDF create an interactive 3D PDF Presentation using your model and your Rendered Image.
Save Rendered Image Wizard Click the Save button on the Toolbar to Save your Rendered Image
Integrated Lighting Channels let you quickly adjust light sources
Material Channels used to adjust the color or luminance of pixels rendered from a material after rendering.
Planar HDRi Backgrounds use a, (non panoramic), HDRi image as a background.

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