IRender Lights Tab

Lights Tab

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Expanded view with advanced options:

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Light Balance

Sets the dominant source of ambient brightness for the image, the sun and sky, or lamps and other light fixtures.

When this value is modified, a new rendering has to be generated, the resume rendering function will not incorporate the change.

Ambient Light

Ambient Light is the overall brightness of the image, solved during rendering. A lower ambient value will produce more contrast in the rendered image, higher ambient values will flatten the rendering. See: Ambient Light


  • Show Light Bulbs - Option to display the bulbs in the rendering, this does not influence processing the lighting.
  • Process light bulbs on invisible layers - Includes lighting from sources even if layer is off.
  • Use Watts instead of Lumens for Lamp Units - The unit method for lighting, by default is Lumens.
  • Use Monte Carlo reflections - helps resolve small blurred reflections with bright spots (slow)
  • Use Camera lights - A special lighting condition that will provide illumination when no other lighting is available.
See Also: Camera Light

Use Indirect Lighting (reflected light) - See Also: Indirect Lighting

  • None - Light bouncing off of surfaces is not included in the lighting solution for the rendering
  • Standard or Gather - Standard is faster than Gather and will produce essential the same solution
  • # bounces (1-4) - More light bounces from surfaces will increase rendering time but result in a more accurate lighting solution.

Light Balancer

Sets the number of channels to use and default channels for groups of lights. See: Light Balancer

Set light channels

Sets the names of the Light Balancer channels.

Setup Options

The Setup Options dialog is the interface for rendering settings in IRender nXt. Options are grouped in the following tabs:

Presets Lighting Presets, SketchUp on/off (Sun, Sky, Ground), Sky mode, Ambient Light, Light Balance, Other Settings
Render Image Size, Stop Rendering After, Rendering Engine, Make Panoramic Image, Color Rendering Mode, Autosave, Lights Processed per Pass, Maximum Texture Size, Use Section Planes, Processing Parameters, Show Settings
Styles Auto Reflection, View Wizard, Batch Rendering Settings
Lights Light Balance, Ambient Light, Use Indirect Lighting, Light Balancer (channels)
Sky SketchUp Sun and Sky on/off, Sky [color] mode, Illumination, Automatic Sky, Sun and Sky Intensity, Ground Plane
HDRi High Dynamic Range image (HDRi) Settings
Background Background Image
Foreground Foreground Image
Plants IRender nXt Plants, Render Plants as 2D Images, Plant Layers to Display
Fog/Haze Volumetric Fog, Calculation Boundary
Special Edge Lines, Process 2 sided faces, RPC Objects, Other
Image Save Image Automatically, Auto image format, Auto Image, Action when done, JPEG images
More Number of Threads to use for Rendering, Save Option Values, Load Option Values from, Sync SketchUp Materials to Default Materials

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