Installing RPC - ArchVision Content Manager

This ArchVision Content Manager Tutorial will guide you through installation and use in your SketchUp model.

This Tutorial - Installing RPC - ArchVision Content Manager will guide you through the steps of installing the ArchVision Content Manager necessary to place RPC objects in your SketchUp model and render them.

Step 1 - Download RPC Content Manager


If you click the RPC icon ( Rpc24.PNG ) in IRender nXt toolbar and if the RPC content manager is not loaded yet, this dialog will appear.

(If the content manager is already installed, the icon will jump to Step 4 below.)

You can also jump directly to the ArchVision Content Manager download here: ArchVision Content Manager

Follow this process to download the ArchVision Content Manager:


Click Install a Free ACM to continue.

You may get a message like this:


If so, Click 'Save File or Open.

Step 2 - ArchVision Content Manager Installation

Click Next for each step of the installation:





Step 3 - Configuring the Content Manager

After installation, the ArchVision Content Manager Configuration Dialog may appear automatically, or you may need to run it from the Program Manager, or you may launch it the next time you click the RPC icon in IRender nXt.


Select a default location for your RPC files. and click Configure

Click Ok on the next dialog box.


If this dialog appears, Click the X in the upper right corner to take it down.


Step 4 - Select and Place an RPC Object


The next time you click the RPC icon in SketchUp, this dialog should appear.

Select a .RPC file and click Ok.


This dialog should appear to let you place the component generated from the RPC file into SketchUp.

See: RPC for more information on using RPC Content.

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