IRender Render Tab

Render tab

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The Render Tab lets you set rendering size and quality.

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Lighting Presets nXt provides lighting presets which can help get you started when deciding how to light your model.

For more information, see the Presets Tab

Render Image Size

  • Use Medium for sample renderings until you get lighting and other things set for your model.
Processing time and memory usage are directly (linearly) related to the total number of pixels in your rendering. The higher the resolution, the longer the rendering will take and the more memory it will require.

Stop Rendering After

  • No Limit - check to render indefinitely (until you stop the rendering)
  • Set passes to 40 (default), 20, or less while testing lighting and appearance.
Set either setting to 0 to disable that limit.
Scenes with reflected light and/or area lights will improve the longer you let them render.
  • Autosave - if not 0, then an image of your rendering is saved after every N passes.

Lights Processed per Pass

  • Using all lights (100%) in every pass, will let you see the effects of all lights in the first pass, but will take a long time.
  • Using about 33% (1/3rd) of the lights per pass seems to work best - adjust as needed.

Render Engine

Select the rendering engine for rendering.
  • Packet Mode
  • Path Tracer
  • Test Engine 4
  • Use Indirect Lighting - show effects of light reflected from surfaces for a more PhotoRealistic result.
  • Show Settings before rendering - loads a dialog of rendering setting before rendering so you can check your settings.

Other Setup Options