Using Legacy AR3-AR4 Plants

Using Legacy AR3/AR4 Plants

Plants created in AccuRender 3 or 4 may be added to a drawing by using the Add Legacy Plant... option in the Widgets->Plants pulldown.

Add Legacy Plant.jpg

Navigate to a folder which contains an AR3/AR4 .plib file. Click on the file name to load the library.

Legacy Plant Library.jpg

Select a plant, and click OK.

Select a location for your plant.

The plant will be placed in the drawing as a wireframe, stick figure.

Plant stick figure.jpg

Once your AR3/AR4 plant has been inserted, you can edit a few settings of the plant using the Edit Legacy Plant option.

Additional notes on AR3/AR4 Plants

Groundcover and Vines

AR3/AR4 groundcover and vines are not available in nXtRender.

Search Paths for images, etc.

If you are using AR3/AR4 plants and do not have AccuRender 3 or 4 installed, you will need to manually add all of the search paths necessary for your plants. (Use the Options item on the menu bar to add search paths.)

The necessary paths include the path to the plant library, the path to the plant material library, and the paths to any textures or opacity maps required by the AR3/AR4 plant.

Missing AR3/AR4 plant materials during rendering is almost always due to missing search path information. This issue is particularly relevant for 64 bit systems, since these will not have had previous installations of AccuRender.

Existing Drawings

  • AR3/AR4 drawings with plants already inserted should work subject to the restrictions above.

No Library Conversion

  • AR3/AR4 plants are very different than the new nXtRender plants. Currently you cannot convert AR3/AR4 plants to nXtRender plants.

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