Using ArchVision RPC with nXtRender for Revit

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RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content) are image-based objects that can be inserted into your model and rendered. Popular RPC objects include people, cars, and plants. Some RPCs are 2D "cutout" objects which automatically orient themselves to a view. Others are 3D textured models.

Downloading the Plugin
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In order to use ArchVision RPC in nXtRender for Revit you must download and install the AVAIL plugin from ArchVision’s website. Be sure to install the version of the plugin which most closely corresponds to your version of Revit. The plugin provides an interface within Revit for downloading, inserting, and editing content.

Read all about AVAIL

Rendering an RPC with nXtRender for Revit
How the RPC object appears when selecting it from the ArchVision Prime channel in AVAIL:
Revit 1.png

How the RPC object appears when placed in a Revit drawing:
Revit 2.png

How the RPC object renders using nXtRender for Revit. The background for this image is an HDRi added using nXtRender for Revit. You can quickly change the paint color of the plane using the ArchVision Editor or in nXtRender.
Revit 3.png

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