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ArchVision is the leader in the development of image-based content creation, management and delivery solutions. ArchVision's products include a growing library of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC). Render Plus Software rendering products (IRender nXt, ArielVision, nXtRender) all support ArchVision’s RPC resulting in rendered images of the highest quality.

What is Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC)?
RPC describes the software and content, including photo data, for objects / image assets, e.g., a person, a car, etc. Each object is a file containing complex geometry, physically based materials, and in some cases lights, that adds parameters or animated elements that can be rendered.
ArchVision car visual.png

In other words, content has evolved into intelligent objects / assets that will increase your productivity, can be changed according to your needs, and will further impress your clients when you present your designs.

Why use RPC?
A designer would use RPC - people, trees, plants, cars, planes, motorcycles, etc. - to fill a scene to bring it to life, providing context and scale without distracting from the main focus of the design. With its complex geometry and materials, RPC is highly customizable, e.g., you could quickly change the color of paint of a car. RPC provides more possibilities than non-responsive, flat, 2D cut-out objects. Examples of RPC from the ArchVision Prime channel:

RPC channel Person.pngRPC channel Console.png RPC channel Audi.pngRPC channel Chair.pngRPC channel Airbus.png

RPC is the image-based rendering technology of choice for many of the leading CAD and 3D modeling software packages on the market today, including AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp. RPC helps you stand out from your competition, taking your client renderings to the “next level” to visually convey your design story. RPC elevate designs simply and effectively.

What is Entourage?
Objects can also be referred to as assets or entourage. Entourage is the overarching name designers typically use to describe imagery used to fill a scene which once rendered helps activate it making it feel alive and populated, without distracting from the actual structure’s visual elements. There are lots of sources for downloadable entourage images on the internet.

In addition to ArchVision’s RPC libraries, AVAIL also includes optional paid channels for Laubwek and Renderpeople. Pricing available via this page on the ArchVision site.

Rendering with RPC
RPC rendering support is provided in Render Plus Software applications IRender nXt (SketchUp), ArielVision (SketchUp), nXtRender for AutoCAD and nXtRender for Revit. These applications use the AVAIL extension to place ArchVision RPC objects in your design scenes. Note: ArchVision is currently compatible with versions of SketchUp up to 2021 – 2022 support will follow.

How RPC objects appear in design platforms
RPC objects do not have images applied to them when displayed in your models. You need to render the model to view the RPC objects. The following is an example using a SketchUp model and IRender nXt:

Image as shown in the ArchVision library:
SketchUp Beetle.png

As displayed in the SketchUp model, along with a person and chair RPC objects:
SketchUp Beetle model.png

As Rendered using IRender nXt:
SketchUp Beetle render.png

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