The Backgrounds Tab

Select a background image and set parameters.

NXtRender Background Tab.jpg

  • Channel: Visible, Reflected or Refracted.
You can set the same image for or a different image for each.
  • Type: Color and Image, HDRi or Sky
  • Intensity
  • Gradient - Solid Color, 2 Color Gradient or 3 Color Gradient
When you select a gradient type, you can enter the colors to use

NXtRender Gradient.jpg

  • Color - solid color for background

Use Image

Image for Background. You can select an image and set a scale and offset to position it.

  • Projection - Planar, Cylindrical, or Spherical.

For Planar Projection, you can set the scale and offset to adjust the image:

  • XScale
  • YScale
  • XOffset
  • YOffset

Other Projections have similar settings.

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