Rendering Editor

Batch Material Editor

Batch Rendering Material Editor

Set options and edit materials directly from the rendering window.

Double click on a material in the rendered image to edit the material.

Reload modified materials back into SketchUp model.

With the Rendering Editor you can edit materials or options in the Renderer, and re-render the model without returning to SketchUp and then reload the changes back into SketchUp.

Options Editor

Select the Options icon from the toolbar to load the Setup Options dialog.

Material Editor

Batch Material Editor.jpg

The Material Editor is loaded from the Material icon on the Rendering Window.

It lists all materials used in your model, lets you select then, set special properties - like Daylight or Glow, and/or lets you load the Material Wizard to edit the material.

Each material on the list at the left is marked with an icon to help you recognize the type - Matte, Transparent, Reflective, Glow, Daylight, etc.

Set the Special Properties (Daylight, Glow, etc. or click Edit Material to the the Material Wizard .

Selecting Materials from the render window

Double click on any material in the rendered window to load the material editor with the proper material selected.

Single click will display the name of the material at the bottom of the rendering.

Load changes into SketchUp

To load the material or option changes back into SketchUp, click Load Option Values from Batch on the More tab of the Options Wizard .