nXtRender Rendering Overview

nXtRender creates stunning life-like images from AutoCAD models. nXtRender uses Ray Tracing and photometric rendering technologies from inside AutoCAD to create high-quality photo-realistic images from 3D Models.

Rendering by Surya Murali using nXt Engine

With nXtRender, creating presentation quality images from AutoCAD models is easy. Simply add materials, lights, sun, sky and then render the model.

General Features

Easy to use, works seamlessly inside AutoCAD, and provides a host of features that speed and simplify image rendering.

Uses both raytracing and Indirect Lighting to create sophisticated single-frame images and animations.

Automatically calculates indirect light, hard and soft shadows, color bleeding, reflections, translucency, transparency, refraction, highlight, depth of field, and depth attenuation.

Supports multiprocessors and background processing.

Includes mathematically generated 3-D plants with seasonal variation, giving realistic plants, shadows, and reflections.

Works inside AutoCAD. Render changes to the model immediately. You never need to export or start over.

Progressive-refinement rendering algorithms with on-screen preview.

Save and restore plant, exposure, sun and sky, and environment settings.

Graphical library browsers for materials and plants.

RPC 3D Object support.

Post-processing for quick adjustment of brightness, Lighting Channels, fog, glare, and depth of field.

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