nXtRender Adjustments and Filters

Tone mapping is the process of converting the luminance data used by nXtRender into displayable or printable RGB pixels.

As you move your cursor over the nXtRender Rendering screen, notice the numbers on the status bar. The Value fields show the actual data in the nXtRender image for the Red, Green, and Blue sub-channels. The data is luminance, in units of candelas per meter squared (cd/m^2). The first three Color fields show the resulting RGB colors produced after tone-mapping, and displayed in the image. (The fourth Color field shows the Alpha, or transparency channel, which is used for composting.)

The tone-mapping controls are located in the upper right corner of the render screen.

Tone op.jpg
  • Brightness - Brighten or darken the image.
  • Contrast - Increase or decrease image contrast.
  • Burn - See: Using Burn
  • Saturation - Increase or decrease color saturation.

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