Materials assigned by layer are not appearing in the rendering

If you assign a material to an object's layer, but the object continues to render as if it does not have a material assignment (or as if it has a different material assignment) use the following procedure:

  • Select the offending object(s)
  • Click the "Remove Material from Objects" button on the nXtRender Material Tab
  • Repeat the rendering

The by-layer material assignment should now appear.

Additional Notes

  • Older models, or models created by 3rd party software, often contain objects or sub-objects whose material is listed as "Global" instead of "ByLayer". The procedure above must be used on these objects before a layer assignment will be visible.
  • The system variable _CMATERIAL controls the default material for newly created objects. It should be set to "ByLayer".
  • Using the AutoCAD commmand for removing materials from objects (located on the AutoCAD Materials Palette), will also work.

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