Crash occurs on 32-bit system (hi-res or complex model)

nXtRender is a memory-intensive application which may exceed the limitations of a 32- bit system under certain situations. When these limitations are approached or exceeded nXtRender may become unstable. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Complex geometry (either a lot of objects or objects which generate many faces)
  • nXtRender Plants
  • High resolution rendering
  • Use of Lighting Channels
  • High resolution textures

Avoiding or reducing some of these cases may allow you to render your scene.

64 Bit Considerations

nXtRender, will on 32 bit systems. But will work much better on a 64 bit system with at least 4 GB RAM


Most models will render faster and better on a 64-bit system.

Note: The Video card is not used for rendering in nXtRender and will not effect rendering speed or performance.

64 bit systems allow you to add more than 4GB of physical memory to a machine-- this will result in performance benefits for all of your apps., including 32 bit ones.

Model Size

64 bit systems can run much larger data sets (more detailed models-- hi-res renderings, etc.). They are not subject to the 2GB per-process address space problem. This problem is so significant in the SketchUp, AutoCAD and Rhino worlds that we wouldn't recommend a 32 bit system to anyone looking for a new machine for these purposes. The SketchUp world is more complicated since SketchUp does not have a 64 bit version.

File Locations

Programs, such as SketchUp, which normally install into Program Files on 32 bit systems, install into Program Files (x86) on 32 bit systems. So many references in the documentation which refer to typical installation locations, such as C:\Program Files\ will be located in a different location on the 64-bit systems. (Usually C:\Program Files (x86))

Additional Notes

  • Increasing physical memory or swap file space will have no effect on this problem. The limitation is inherent to 32-bit systems. 64-bit systems do not have this problem.
  • nXtRender is more memory-intensive than previous versions. Some models which rendered using legacy versions may not render using nXt.:

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