Converting legacy (AR3 - AR4) material libraries

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Converting Legacy AR3/AR4 Libraries

Material libraries used by the AccuRender 3 and 4 family of products cannot be used by nXt directly. These must be converted to folders and .nXtMaterial files before they can imported into nXt.

Standard AR3/AR4 Libraries

The standard libraries have been converted and are available for download Here.

Your custom AR3/AR4 Libraries

To convert your custom AR3/AR4 material libraries use the tool provided on the Widgets menu of the AutoCAD palette


called Convert Legacy AR Material Library. This tool will convert your material library file into standard folders and elemental material files, which can then be imported into your drawing. Because the nXt engine is very different than previous AR engines, some materials may require some additional manual work.

Additional Notes

If a AR3/AR4 version of AccuRender has never been installed on your machine, you will need to tell nXt where it can find the textures used by your AR3/AR4 materials. This is often the case with new 64-bit machines. Pressing the Options button on the nXt palette will allow you to enter the search path to your textures.


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