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IRender nXt lets you pause and resume renderings, create lamps, control SketchUp material settings and adjust light sources with the Light Balancer .

Resume Rendering

Resume Rendering

Resume Rendering lets you continue a rendering which has been completed - either because the number of passes or rendering time limit has been exceeded, or because you clicked the Stop Rendering button - and add more passes.

IRender nXt is a multi-pass rendering system. The early passes allow you to quickly check settings - such as lighting and materials. With Resume Rendering you can render for just 20 passes or os, see how it looks, and if you like it add more passes, or a time limit, and continue without having to start over.

After rendering, you can either make changes and restart the rendering, or use Resume Rendering to add more passes for better results.

Create Lamp or Light Fixture

Spotlight component - generated at proper size and angle.

Adding lamps and light fixtures will provide lighting for your Interior Scenes or Nighttime Scenes.

  • SketchUp lamps - many SketchUp lamps are automatically used as light sources.

Material Wizard

Set reflection and other material settings

Applies reflection and transparency directly to SketchUp materials. Changes are made easily with a slider bar.

IRender nXt sets multiple settings for a single material - such a setting both transparency and index of refraction for glass materials.

Light Balancer

using the Light Balancer.

the Light Balancer is an important new feature of IRender nXt which lets you quickly adjust light sources. By assigning channels to sun, sky, and groups of lights, you can quickly adjust the intensity of each channel with a slidebar and immediately see the effect on the final rendering.

You can quickly adjust the intensity of each channel with a slide bar and immediately see the effect on the final rendering. This will saves time both in determining the relative intensities to use for light sources and in fine tuning the final image before publication.

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Consistent Results

IRender nXt gives you an early image of your design rendering, so you can decide immediately if you need to make a change to the view, lighting or a material. The software's savable settings and post-render processing features allow you to update your design without starting over. Benefit-1.jpg

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