Seamless Integration

The IRender nXt plugin is seamlessly integrated with SketchUp. It’s easy to create photorealistic renderings. Plant and material libraries included.

nXt Plant libraries

Juniper plant from plant library

About 30 new RpTreeMaker plants.

The are in addition to the more than 500 plants in the old AR3/AR4 plants which also work with IRender nXt.

These are 'fractal' plants - meaning that detail is relative to the resolution of your image. Each plant is generated differently which automatically creates a realistic effect when using multiple instances of the same plant.

Create SketchUp components to represent IRender nXt plants. These are then automatically rendered as 'fractal' plants.

These plants are also available from the 3D Warehouse: IRender Plants

nXt Material Libraries

Solid wood material sculpted surface

There are more than 5,000 materials in the nXt Material library.

You can select any material from the library and place it on a SketchUp face to create a similar SketchUp material.

In many cases the SketchUp material is an approximation of the full fractal material which will be created when you render the model.

Download the Libraries and install them on your computer.

Advanced Reflection Properties

Mirror and glossy wood surface - 80% reflective.

IRender nXt allows additional reflection settings - such as allowing you to set both the reflection and sharpness or blurriness of the reflection.


SketchUp transparency selected for entire model

IRender nXt automatically uses SketchUp transparency settings. It includes refraction, reflection and illumination through the transparent surface.

You can edit the transparency settings with a slider-bar, change the Index of Refraction , or add other special effects such as Translucency and Caustics

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration between IRender nXt and SketchUp

The IRender nXt plugin runs inside of Google SketchUp, making it easy to create and visualize renderings using already familiar functions. IRender nXt's features include 500 fractal plants, 5,000 high quality materials, advanced material settings and more.


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  • Seamless Integration

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