Start Rendering

Start Rendering

  • Revit render.png Start Rendering
  • Refresh render.png Resume Rendering - add more passes with not changes

Start Rendering

Starts a new rendering of your model using the current scene and render settings.

The entire model and settings are extracted from SketchUp and sent to the IRender nXt Ray Trace engine.

Stop Rendering

When you start a rendering, the Green Circle will turn Red.

If you press the red circle while a rendering is being processed, the rendering will stop at the end of the current pass. Stop the rendering if you want to save an image, or restart the rendering.

A dialog is loaded allowing you to wait for the end of the current pass, or stop the rendering immediately.

Stop Rendering Dialog.jpg

Resume Rendering

Resume Rendering

Resume Rendering

Resume Rendering lets you continue a rendering which has been completed - either because the number of passes or rendering time limit has been exceeded, or because you clicked the Stop Rendering button - and add more passes.

IRender nXt is a multi-pass rendering system. The early passes allow you to quickly check settings - such as lighting and materials. With Resume Rendering you can render for just 20 passes or os, see how it looks, and if you like it add more passes, or a time limit, and continue without having to start over.

After rendering, you can either make changes and restart the rendering, or use Resume Rendering to add more passes for better results.

Resume Rendering lets you continue rendering the current image. Resume is enabled when the specified number of passes is completed or you have stopped the rendering and have allowed the current pass to finish.

IRender nXt improves the image with each successive rendering pass. Resume Rendering lets you render more passes without having to restart the rendering from the beginning.

You can add remdering passes or add more time to let it the rendering proceed. Check "No limit - render until stopped" to process the rendering continuously until you click stop.

Double Up - click this button to double the specified number of passes or time.

Note: Resume Rendering will remain disabled if you click 'Stop rendering now (pass will be incomplete)'.

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