RPC Objects

Model rendered with RPC Objects

RPC Objects

RPC people rendered with IRender nXt

Place RPC components in your SketchUp model which automatically render as RPC objects.

  • See: RPC Objects

RPC Objects are 3D objects containing software and content associated with ArchVision's Image-Based Rendering (IBR) technology. (RPC stands for Rich Photorealistic Content. RPC is also the file extension for this image-based content.)

These objects are available for high-end renderers such as:

  • IRender Plus for SketchUup, and nXtRender for AutoCAD.
  • Autodesk: VIZ, 3ds Max, Architectural Desktop (ADT), Civil 3D, Revit
  • SGI Performer, Informatix's Piranesi
  • Cubicspace's rtre
  • Bentley MicroStation.

When you purchase RPC Objects you can use them with any of these applications.

Because RPCs rely on photo image data, the incredible richness of detail and quality of images far surpasses even the best computer-generated models.

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