Adding lights

Adding Lights to Your Model


Use the following procedure to add an artificial light to your drawing:

  • Draw and position the object which will serve as your light source. Once this object is tagged as a light source, it will emit light in the pattern you choose.
  • Use the New Light dropdown button on nXt's Lighting tab to select a pattern for your light. Four patterns are available:
  • //Omnidirectional// distributes light in all directions equally.
  • The //Spot// pattern provides a beam which you can focus.
  • //Diffuse// provides an approximation of a recessed light with a diffuser or baffles.
  • The //Photometric// pattern allows you to use a manufacturer's .ies goniometry file to describe the distribution.
  • When prompted select your object (the Photometric pattern will first prompt you for your .ies file.)
  • Provide a name for your light.
  • Hit enter to accept default values for the other prompts.

Additional Notes:

  • By default, all lights will direct their light straight down. Depending on your scene, you may need to aim your light in a different direction. Before you begin the aiming process, it is often easier to have a target object to snap to. Right click on the light in the list, and select Aim < to aim your light. The different patterns will have different prompts to follow.
  • To change the properties of your light, right click on the light in the list and select Properties.
  • Click here for additional information on IES (Photometric) lights.

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