Transparency Features



Translucent lamp shade

Translucency is the ability for light to pass through a material that is not transparent.


SketchUp transparency selected for entire model

IRender nXt automatically uses SketchUp transparency settings. It includes refraction, reflection and illumination through the transparent surface.

You can edit the transparency settings with a slider-bar, change the Index of Refraction , or add other special effects such as Translucency and Caustics

Daylight Portals

Daylight effect through windows.

a special transparent face placed over an exterior opening or window which causes exterior light to be processed better.

The left half image on the left has a normal (non-Daylight Portal) opening. It took hundreds of passes to resolve properly. The right half has openings marked as Daylight Portals. The lighting looked this good after just a few passes.


Caustic Refraction through glass.

produces focused light and shadow effects from light passing through a transparent object.

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