Refraction refers to the bending of light as it passes through a transparent surface in a Ray Trace renderer such as IRender nXt .

The image on the left shows the effects of Refraction on a thick piece of glass. (The glass on the right was marked, incorrectly, as Thin, and does not product much refraction)

  • Index of Refraction
The Index of Refraction determines how much the light and appearance of objects behind the glass is distorted when passing through the glass.
A vacuum is defined as having an Index of Refraction of 1.00
Here are some standard values you can use for other materials:
  • Ice - 1.31
  • Water - 1.33
  • Acrylic glass - 1.49
  • Flint glass (pure) - 1.60
  • Sapphire - 1.76
  • Diamond - 2.42

This model is rendered in SketchUp, with no refraction from the transparent glass.
This is the same model run through IRender . Notice how the stone wall is refracted as it passes through the thick glass.

The Index of Refraction is set in the Material Wizard

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