Stained Glass

This article demonstrates some methods to work with Stained Glass in IRender .



This is an image from a SketchUp model posted to SketchUcation by WIP.

There are lots of things to play with when making a nice image from stained glass - like the amount of transparency, translucency, refraction, and daylight processing for the glass. And the lighting outside.

Rather than direct sun, this image was created with a sunset sky HDRi for the sky. It gives an interesting, different effect.

Stained Glass Texture


We created a simple room and placed a stained glass texture on the back wall.



This is a rendering with two ceiling lights, but no special illumination on the stained glass.



We then placed a glow on the stained glass.

This lets the glass glow brightly. The glass will also illuminate the room, if you balance the intensity of th e glow and the intensity of the ceiling lights.




And, in many cases, you can make the glass transparent, and let sunlight pass through the stained glass.

(We should have made the glass more opaque, so less light passed through it.)

Be sure to specify "Interior daylight" on the options dialog to get the effect you want.

And you will also want to use Adjustment and Filters to adjust the overall brightness.

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