SpaceDesign Project

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A SpaceDesign Project is a folder to hold settings, attributes and reports for SpaceDesign. (The SpaceDesign Project is set using the Project tab of the Report Wizard .

If you set a SpaceDesign Project then default settings and defaults are read from that folder. (If it a Registry Variable - meaning all users and all databases on a machine wills hare the same setting.)

Default Attributes are loaded from the Project Folder (the one you set, or the default one).

If you want to use a network drive, but do not use Roaming App Data, then just set the Project Folder to that network drive.

Note - the default settings are only loaded once per SketchUp model. If a model already has SpaceDesign attributes then the defaults are not loaded unless you load them again.

Project Folder

Define a folder to be used for your SpaceDesign Project.

Save Reports To

  • My Documents, or
  • Project Folder (in a \\Reports sub folder)

Default Attributes

  • Load
  • Save

Program Options

  • Load SpaceDesign, (automatically), when Starting SketchUp.
  • Put Right Click functions is a sub-menu

Default Attributes are automatically loaded when using SpaceDesign in a new model.

Default Project

f you do not set the SpaceDesign Project Folder, then the default project folder is in the Roaming App Data folder on your machine (e.g.: c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\SpaceDesign>)

If you are using Roaming App Data - then that data will be shared across the network

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